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Experience ski flying. Avalanche training, high altitude ski landing, varying snow conditions, and personal instructions.


Step 1. Beginner Course

This course can be taken by people who are on wheels and no skis as of yet. It includes online, classroom, and field portion. The course will be in preparation to playing in the mountains. You will receive first level avalanche training (AST1 accredited), learn about the significance of high altitude ski landings, other varying snow conditions, and possible concerns. We will also offer personal instruction in your plane on skis for an additional cost per hour.

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Avalanche training provided by Summit Avalanche Consulting This is certified AST1 course.

Special Guest Speaker:

- Rick Church -

Step 2. Advanced Course

Fly into the mountains to the private cabins, take the advanced level avalanche and survival course on location, have 3 days of working off of the lake and various locations! All accommodations, food, instruction and recommended survival kit provided. As well as a club badge!