Mountain and Formation Flying

Spring 2024


March 16 or 30


GP Airport


Classroom Lessons


Mountain/Formation Flying

In conjunction with Adventure Aviation and the WPAA.

Improve your knowledge and experiences of flying through our beautiful mountains with confidence.

  • Topics will be open for discussion,
  • planning using ForeFlight, so please bring your iPad with ForeFlight (if you don’t have it, we will team you up),
  • seats are limited, please register to reserve your spot,
  • classroom lessons and practical part of flying formation in the mountains.

Practical part will include flying likely from GP to the Kakwa area, through the rocks to McBride, and then to Valemount. We will stop at McBride and possibly Valemount to recap and fuel as required. Then last leg from Valemount past the majestic Mt. Robson following the Smokey valley back to GP.

Course Cost

288.75 CAD

(275 CAD + GST)

To register, please fill out the form below and send e-Transfer payment to The price includes one meal at the airport.

Make your payment to reserve your spot. Be sure to include your name in the e-Transfer notes/details field to save on possible confusion connecting names to email addresses.

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Course Instructors

Speakers for the event will be Peter Lythall, a very talented pilot with extensive mountain experience. US Airman’s Certificate, Canadian PPL / CPL, Single, Multi, Land, Sea, Group 1 IFR.

Lloyd Sherk will present on formation flying, which we will be doing on our cross country. Lloyd is a lifetime aviator who was a helicopter pilot in the Canadian Forces. I had the pleasure of making a trip with a group of aircraft to the Arctic a few years ago with Lloyd leading our formations.

Lastly, myself, Mike Edgar. I have taken a particular interest in learning to fly in the mountains with the goal of becoming proficient and very comfortable doing so. As part of this desire, I have taken a number of mountain flying courses from reputable professionals, and others who have knowledge gained by experience. Peter Lythall is one of those individuals that I have traveled with and gained valuable info from.